Monday, February 13, 2012


potential difference, V, across a filament bulb and the current, I, flowing through it. The results of the experiment is shown in the graph of V against I as in Diagram 2.1.
(a)       Based on the graph in Diagram 2.1, determine the value of V when
I = 0.2A. Show on the graph, how you determine the value of V.

(b)       Ohm’s Law states that the potential difference across a conductor is directly proportional to the current flowing through the conductor.

Based on the statement below, determine the range of the current that obeys the Ohm’s Law. Show on the graph how you determine the range of  the current.

(c)        The gradient of the graph represents resistance. State how resistance varies with current.

(d)       The electric power, P used by the bulb is given by the formula P = I2 m, where m is the gradient of the graph.
(i)         Calculate the gradient, m, when I = 0.2 A.
Show on the graph how you determine m.

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