Monday, February 13, 2012


When the starter motor is switched on, high current flows from the battery to the motor through a wire. To reduce energy in it, the wire used is thick and short.

Using this information;
(a)       make one suitable inference,
(b)       state one appropriate hypothesis that could be investigated,
(c)        describe how you would design an experiment to test your hypothesis using constant an wire and other apparatus.

In you description, state clearly the following.
(i)         aim of the experiment
(ii)        variables in the experiment
(iii)       list of apparatus and materials
(iv)       arrangement of the apparatus
(v)        the procedure of the experiment, which includes the method of controlling the manipulated variable and the method of measuring the responding variable
(vi)       the way you would tabulate the data
(vii)      the way you would analysis the data

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